Q-Regarding being 'eligible for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) from the BPS' what would that entail past completing the Masters? Is this an additional degree, course, or cost? 

Completing a first qualification in psychology that is accredited against the requirements for GBC will enable you to apply to the Society for Graduate Membership. Membership gives you the benefit of BPS, BPS titles and resources as well as the option to complete continued studies with BPS for moving into chartership. The fees associated with the membership are set by BPS.  


Q-Will I be able to practice as a psychologist after completing this course? 

You will need to check with your local psychological society to understand the requirements for practicing in your home country. In the UK, most graduates would need to complete further studies at the PhD level to practice as a psychologist.  

I would recommend reviewing the BPS website for their guide for how to enter the field of your interest in psychology, a lot of helpful information is listed there. You can find further information on their Careers page here.  


Q-Why is there no need for a dissertation? 

Our programme asks students to prepare a 5000-word research paper based on original, empirical research.  This prepares them for academic life far better than doing a longer dissertation that would never be published in its original form.  


Q-What does the empirical psychology project, look like? 

5000-word research report along with a Poster should be prepared and should report on original research, either qualitative or quantitative.  Students must plan, implement, and write up this research including going through a thorough ethics review process. 


Q-It says there will be a need for laboratory reports - what does this consist of, and do we need to come in for that? 

Lab reports, written in APA7 style (American Psychological Association) are the assessed components of one or two of the modules.  They are written based on data the students collect online, via surveys for example.  The programme is delivered entirely online practical work like this is also conducted online. 

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