Student testimonials

Student testimonials

I chose to study at Brunel University as I've heard a lot about it through friends and also all the student support offered by all the educators is very highly commendable.

I would really recommend anybody to study online as I feel as though it's really ideal in being able to do multiple things. So you can work as well as manage your family life and also achieve a higher education master's programme.

Aroob Hassan, 

Public Health and Health Promotion MSc online

Brunel has helped me gain the necessary skills in public health and writing to be able to perform well in my current duties. I also had the privilege of participating in the READY program, where I gained hands-on experience in intervention development. I adored the coursework that Brunel offered. The content was 100% online, which allowed me to continue my education despite the difficulties that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, I was able to publish my thesis at a renowned journal in Turkey! All of these achievements would not have been possible without Brunel.


Public Health and Health Promotion MSc online

It's helped me at my work to see the difference. To see the things that I've studied on course, it is actually helping me with my current job to make a decision of where I want to go."

I will advise people that when you are working fulltime, it is better to take the part time study because it gives you the flexibility to achieve both.

Rumbidzai Hitchcock, 

Public Health and Health Promotion MSc online

I found the programme really beneficial. It was great and everyone was so helpful. Everything was easy to access. The online e-vision and the portal, so easy to use. Really user friendly, and I'm not great with computers at all. The academic staff were great. Any email was answered within a day or two. All questions were pretty much put to rest - there were no concerns.

Rebecca O'Reilly, 

Psychological Sciences MSc online

The course is very brilliant. The modules were so good. I realize that Brunel is the best place to go. Why? Because it is one of the best. I think it falls within the 40 universities in the UK that's one of the best in terms of research. My degree in Public Health and Health Promotion is actually the right place to be and the impact is going to be huge for the rest of the world. Now is the beginning of my journey into public and global health.

Dr Richard Ackon Eghan, 

Public Health and Health Promotion, MSc online

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