Fees and funding

Postgraduate study is a significant financial commitment, and we want you to be completely aware of the associated costs before becoming a student at Brunel online. Information on tuition fees and other related costs will help you plan your finances from day one. We also offer different payment options to ensure our programmes are as accessible as possible. 

Tuition Fee at Brunel University.
Discounts and Scholarships at Brunel University.
Student Loans at Brunel University
How to Make Online Payments at Brunel University

Tuition fees

Our programme fees are fully inclusive of all study materials, tuition, assessments and results. 

Discounts and scholarships

Students are welcome to browse a wide range of scholarships here.

Student loans

Students who are residents of the UK (England and Wales only) can apply for full funding from Student Finance England. 

How to make online payments

Brunel offers two options to make a secure payment online for tuition fees.

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