Q-When does my application need to be submitted for a January/May/September intake?  

It is recommended to have an application submitted with supporting documents at least 6 weeks* before the start of the course so there are no delays in the application being approved in time for the upcoming intake. The application process may take some time, so the sooner you apply the better.  

Q-If I'm studying part-time and taking 2 years, am I able to pay monthly or split the fees over the two years?

There are two options to pay the tuition fee; 

(1) you can choose to pay in full at registration or in six monthly instalments. All students who are responsible for paying their own tuition fees in full (self-funding) and who pay the full amount of the fees due at or before their scheduled date of registration, will be entitled to a 2% discount on the net tuition fee due. If this is not feasible, there is the option to 

(2) pay the tuition fees in six monthly instalments. The first instalment is made during the enrolment period with the following five due once a month after the course starts and what are the dates when the instalments must be paid. 

PART-TIME PAYMENT PLAN: Students can choose to pay their tuition fees in instalments. On the full-time course, the tuition fee is divided evenly into six equal instalments. The first instalment is due during enrolment with the following five due once a month after the course starts. On the part-time course, the tuition fee is divided in half with the first half due in year one and second half in year two. Each year students will have the choice to pay in the six-payment instalment plan. 

Q-What type of assessments are there on this course? 

The course is assessed by the assignments you complete at the end of each module. There are no exams to be taken for the online course. The types of coursework vary across modules and aim to challenge and develop various skills. At the end of each module, students submit their assignments based on the knowledge and skills they gained during the module.  

Q-If I fail a course, is it possible to take the same course again? If I retake the course, do I need to pay an additional fee? 

If you were to fail the modular assignment you would have the opportunity re-submit the assignment for re-assessment. You are allowed to have up to 60-credits with a grade D to Pass the course. If you were to fail the assignment twice, you would not be able to move forward in the programme and at that time it would be assessed if an exit award could be granted. Reassessments of up to 60-credits have no fee. 

Q-Is it possible to amend the payment plan? Can I pay by module/every three months? 

The payment plan offered is what has been approved by our Student Finance team, it is not possible to amend this.  

Q-Can I come to campus if I want to attend a lecture or use the library? 

When the campus is open, online students can use the facilities that are open to all students such as the library. You would not be able to attend any of the campus lectures though. Online students can find further information on their library options here under “Distance Learners” and an overview of the library services here.  


Q-Can I start on this course FT and move to PT or vice versa? 

Students can change their Mode of Attendance from either Full-Time to Part-Time or Part-Time to Full-Time. Students will need to discuss this change with the Brunel Online Student Support team. It should be noted that making a change to your Mode of Attendance may delay your expected graduation. Please be aware there can be a fee associated with this request. This fee would be assessed by the Student Finance team at the time of the change.  


Q-What are the hours required to study? 

For the full-time online postgraduate degrees, we recommend students be prepared to dedicate around 40 to 50 hours per week to their studies. For the part-time online two-year programme, we recommend students be prepared to dedicate around 20 to 25 hours per week to their studies. 


Q-Where are you located? 

Brunel University is in London. We’re located in Uxbridge at the end of the Piccadilly line.  


Q-Please advise on the world ranking of Brunel University London? 

Brunel is ranked in the top third of universities in the world, the ranking information of the university can be found here.  

Brunel is ranked 23rd in the world (5th in the UK) for international outlook (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022), the ranking information of the university can be found here


Q-Recognition of the university? 

Brunel University London was awarded its Royal Charter in 1966 and is a recognised university  by the UK Government, as well it is recognized by the UK Office for Students (OfS)– here you can find the regulatory framework. This would mean your degree should be recognized worldwide as any institution checking the recognition would find Brunel listed as an awarding university in the UK. You can always check with your country’s Ministry of Education for confirmation.  


Q-What if I prefer to study on campus? 

This advising is for the online course only. For more information on our campus-based courses, please submit a new enquiry here and the correct advising team will be in touch.  


Q-Why is the final research project so short? Is this somehow less than a Dissertation? 

With the final research project students will be conducting this individually with the support of an assigned supervisor. At the end you will be submitting your findings in a manuscript that is around 5,000 words. This should be fully formatted in a publishable manner. This style of a final overall project allows students the ability to learn how to write for publication in the future. Students will complete a Research Methods module prior to this final module to prepare them for this.  

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