Do you hesitate at the idea of earning your postgraduate degree online? In an age of increasing digital communication, many have gathered strong feelings about their ability to perform well while studying remotely. Taking this into account, we have tested and developed methods to offer the same rigor of study but with more flexibility. Our modules are designed to keep your focus with engaging and interactive course content. If you’re still uncertain if this mode of study is right for you, consider some more advantages to online learning with Brunel: 

1.  Study from anywhere

Traditional on-campus studies require many students to move to the location of the university. When studying online, there’s no need to move to London as you can study from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection. A postgraduate degree is possible without the hassle of uprooting your life. Without the need to commute, you’ll also save time and money. Our online programmes are designed to be studied asynchronously, so you don’t always need to be online at a specific time and place. Learners are expected to progress through content and activities each week, and optional live classes may be available to help dive into content and ask questions.

2.  Balance your study and personal life

By taking your courses online, you can balance your studies with your lifestyle. Whether you have professional or personal commitments, studying online with Brunel allows you to keep those while studying on your own time. Find flexibility in your day-to-day schedule and study at a time that suits you.

3.  Build a global network

Our collaborative online course design gives you the opportunity to regularly communicate with your global classmates and instructors. Broaden your understanding of course content by hearing from the different global perspectives of your classmates. By expanding your network, you can also expand your future professional opportunities through the people you meet. 

4.  Concentrate better

Traditional study modes can be long and tiring. Our online programmes have been purpose-built with pre-recorded, bitesize videos to help you take in the information and replay specific parts to help gain understanding. They’re also great to study on a mobile device e.g. when commuting to work.

5.  Acquire time management skills

In addition to course-relevant skills, Brunel’s online courses will give you experience with time management. With the freedom of time and location to study, you’ll learn how to incorporate good time management habits into your daily routine. Time management is an essential skill that’s is recognised by many future employers as a valuable trait. 

What is online learning?

What is online learning?

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