Throughout your time with Brunel, we have multiple teams to assist you every step of the way. Studying online may seem disconnected from traditional on-campus support systems, but Brunel has many resources to provide help when you need it. Equipping you with the confidence and knowledge you need to successfully complete your online postgraduate degree, we offer support with admissions, student / academic, professional, technical and disabilities. We believe that a high-quality education can be achieved by ensuring that students are supported throughout their studies. Read more to find out how Brunel can help you accomplish your goals.

Admissions support

Your road towards a postgraduate degree begins with the admissions support team. Brunel’s admissions team is dedicated to assisting applicants through the processes of applying for and enrolling in an online programme. Taking that first step to apply to a postgraduate programme can seem overwhelming while collecting the necessary documents. We want to help you succeed. Our admissions team consists of officers, team leaders, managers and assistants who wish to see you succeed in your future studies and are there to guide you through any questions you may have. For more information about Brunel online programmes, get in touch with our representatives.

Student / academic support

Brunel’s online student support team is in regular contact with students. They’ll appear in your inbox from time to time with friendly reminders of important deadlines and other crucial information. Connecting you with your academic coursework, the online student support team helps by sending out detailed instructions on how to technically work with the digital classroom. They aim to keep you informed and prepared for any task. Our online student support team is here to answer your questions, as well as send you all the necessary information you’ll need to succeed in an online postgraduate programme with Brunel. From assisting the new students to helping you finalise your degree programme, Brunel’s online student support team is there to help if needed during each step of your journey. 

You can contact support via

  • The Support Chat tool in the bottom right-hand corner of Canvas (the Learning Management System you’ll use throughout your studies)
  • email at
  • or by phone at +44 (0)203 0056062

Technical support

Properly functioning technology is vital to a successful online course. The Student Support Team can help overcome many challenges and will refer to the IT team for more complex issues.

How we support you

How we support you

Call us on +44 20353 51404