Still wondering if online learning is right for you? Try a taster class where you’ll get a preview of what to expect from our online modules. Our online modules incorporate several interactive elements to help you retain the most vital information. Within these taster classes, you’ll be provided with short video lectures, essential and recommended readings, interactive graphics, a quiz to test what you’ve learned and a downloadable lesson summary PDF. We invite you to give it a try and see if online learning with Brunel is effective for your learning style. 

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Try a taster class

Try a taster class

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Learn about value-based innovation, and discover some techniques used by managers to make key decisions for innovation and business growth. This class studies management principles through the lens of an engineering firm and its decision-makers. 


Learn about the advantages of physical activity on physical and mental health. This class will consider physical activity from a biopsychosocial approach and explore the effectiveness of physical activity interventions. 


Learn about narcissism, psychopathy and Machavellianism, otherwise known in the psychological sciences as the ‘Dark Triad’ of behavioural traits. This class addresses clinical vs. subclinical levels of this trait as well as real-world outcomes associated with these traits.

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