Technology has taken a vital role in most of today’s sectors and industries including public health. Researchers and experts associated with Brunel University London are constantly striving to solve challenges pressing the public health sector and utilising healthcare technology is a major component of this endeavour. To find out more about Brunel’s online programmes, be sure to watch our recent webinar for more details: Benefits of Brunel’s Public Health Master's & Career Options.

Today we’ll discuss the role of technology in healthcare, some of the upcoming new trends, as well as Brunel’s impact on global public health.

What is Public Health?

The World Health Organisation defines public health as “the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society.” Advances in public health technology have made a huge impact on global health.

As various issues arise in society, so does the need for different public health solutions. Looking to the future is important in health care. Governments set long-term goals to protect and improve the quality of health of their citizens. The use of technology is important as it can have both risks and benefits to health.

Role of Modern Technology in Public Health

Brunel University London is one of the top schools in public health research in the UK. We are dedicated to bringing high-quality education to students around the world, offering 5 online postgraduate degrees in public health and healthcare, including Health Economics & Health Policy MSc online, Master of Public Health (MPH) online, Public Health & Health Promotion MSc online, Public Health & Behaviour Change MSc online, and Global Public Health & Social Justice MSc online. If you are interested in learning more about our programmes, be sure to visit our page where you can download a free brochure today: Advance Your Career with Brunel University London's Online Postgraduate degrees

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Brunel’s experts have provided some of the most frequently asked questions about the field. These include:

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Why is Public Health Important?

Public health is important because it addresses the various health risks which can arise over time throughout populations. The most prevalent of these health risks include diseases, which was recently seen on a global pandemic scale with the COVID-19 virus.

The pandemic has also shown a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals, so it is important to Brunel to provide top-quality education to fill this gap. You can find out more about the advantages of studying your public health master’s online with Brunel here: Why Study with Brunel University London - Discover Online Learning

What are the New Technologies in Public Health?

Some of the new technologies being utilised in healthcare are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This is used usually to deliver staff training so they can experience a real-life scenario in a believable way. This technology is also used to aid in psychological treatments like exposure therapy.

Website information is another way to help educate and share the latest health information. As we saw with the COVID-19 pandemic, research and understanding of the disease changed with each day. The Internet was a way for experts to share information with the public to better protect themselves.

Applications are also being used in healthcare to both support and track patients’ progress through an illness. For example, diabetics can use an application to access their own medical records as well as monitor and manage their medical condition more effectively.

How is Technology Used in Healthcare?

Technology is used in a number of ways to support public health professionals and advance the sector into more effective solutions. Data analytics is another way that we can not only predict health issues in people but also understand how to better tackle issues. Data analytics means introducing new software or medical devices that use information from a patient to deliver a diagnosis or prognosis, allow for earlier interventions, and provide a more personalised treatment plan.

What are the Benefits of Technology in Healthcare?

Data and medical devices can greatly help us understand health on a large scale. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help us understand health factors and how to combat issues in the future in a more preventative way. Scientific discoveries have greatly helped modern medicine advance forward and the impact of technology on public health is extremely significant in improving quality of life for people around the world.

Importance of Public Health

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