Master the Brunel University London application process

Are you looking for a rewarding career in public health, engineering, or psychology? Here at Brunel University London, we offer online postgraduate programmes that allow you to develop career-ready skills without compromising your existing commitments. 

In our Master the Brunel University London application process Webinar, you’ll get the opportunity to hear directly from our Educational Consultants. With a wealth of knowledge about online learning, the application process, and much more, this webinar is the perfect way to understand how to successfully apply to one of Brunel University London’s online programmes. By the end of this virtual event, we'll have an interactive Q&A session where our Educational Consultants will answer your most pressing questions

From the webinar, you'll get to know Brunel's application process including: 

  • Meeting Saltanat, our Educational Consultant 
  • An introduction to Brunel's application portal
  • Understanding how Brunel's Educational Consultants can help you submit a successful application
  • Exploring the list of documents required to submit an application
  • The induction date 
  • Walking through the common mistakes done during the application process
  • Live Q&A

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