Discover the Benefits of Brunel’s Public Health Master's & Career Options

Embark on a transformative journey with Brunel University London in our webinar, Discover the Benefits of Brunel’s Public Health master's & Career Options. Find out more by joining us for a webinar featuring Dr Gillian Woolhead, the driving force behind our Online Healthcare Degrees.

In this virtual session, Dr Woolhead will discuss the intricacies of our online postgraduate health programmes, showcasing how Brunel University London can empower you with specialised skills to propel your career forward.

Beyond just an informational session, this webinar offers a unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with Dr Gillian Woolhead. Gain insights into the vast landscape of our programmes and discover how you can elevate your health career by pursuing a master's degree entirely online.

We'll delve into the following key aspects:

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  • Online studies with Brunel
  • An introduction to the different Public Health Programmes
  • Learning outcomes that shape your professional journey
  • Examples of Research Project topics to ignite your curiosity
  • Career/study paths post-successful completion
  • Live Q&A for personalised insights

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